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Power of phytase in fish nutrition and sustainable aquaculture

Published Tuesday, 24th January 2023
Over the past two decades the aquaculture industry has become one of the fastest growing food industries, playing an increasingly important role in meeting the demand for fish, and it is expected that the sector will continue to grow at the expense of capture fisheries.
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AB Vista to showcase commitment to improving feed intelligence across the poultry industry at IPPE

Published Friday, 20th January 2023
The latest advances in animal production and poultry nutrition will be on display at the AB Vista stand at IPPE 2023 in Atlanta, United States.
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The power of additives in feed – cutting emissions and boosting business

Published Thursday, 12th January 2023
Pressure on farmers to reduce emissions is growing at a time when they already face a host of other challenges. It’s become a daily battle to survive in an industry threatened by economic uncertainty, changing consumer habits and geopolitical and environmental concerns.
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Gut health is key to animal performance

Published Tuesday, 20th December 2022
It’s commonly said that the gut is the ‘second brain’ – and for good reason. Gut health is essential to optimising animal performance, increasing productivity and boosting profitability. Therefore, ensuring good gut integrity and functionality should be a primary objective for producers to achieve a productive flock.
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Benefit of fibre in layer diets

Published Tuesday, 29th November 2022
Fibre compound is traditionally assumed to have minimal or diluting effects on dietary nutrients – and even having a potentially antinutrient effect. But newly-developed fibre assays and cumulated data of feed fibre effects give a different view on fibre structure and its role in poultry nutrition, including laying hens.
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AB Vista to showcase feed intelligence at Eurotier

Published Monday, 31st October 2022
AB Vista will be joining experts from across the animal agriculture industry at Eurotier next month, to discuss the latest developments and challenges facing the sector, and to outline our strategies for solving today’s problems and working towards a more efficient, sustainable future.
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Dr. Spenser Becker Joins AB Vista Swine Technical Team

Published Monday, 3rd October 2022
AB Vista welcomes Dr. Spenser Becker to the swine technical team to provide additional support and expertise to partners and customers in the pig industry.
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Looking to reduce agricultural emissions? Feed additives should be part of your plans

Published Thursday, 28th April 2022
In recent years we have seen increasing interest from consumers in relation to the way their food is produced. This is, in turn, influencing the behaviour of the animal production and feed industry. Originally the pressure was basically a request for improved animal welfare.
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Securing the supply chain across three continents

Published Wednesday, 20th April 2022
Supply chain challenges prompted by Brexit were so successfully navigated by our team in Rotterdam, that alongside existing customer logistics operations they secured a new global partnership and have developed into a Centre of Excellence for our parent company, AB Agri.
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We’ve expanded our animal feed additive portfolio

Published Wednesday, 30th March 2022
We have added ruminant products Optipartum C and Axcelera C, along with Axcelera P for piglets, to our already extensive feed additive range.
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