When looking at animal feed specification, our research has indicated that using a high dose of phytase and xylanase enabled a reduction in formulation cost, improved performance and reduced CO2 emissions from animals fed less dense diets.

Delivering tailored recommendations for poultry producers

Continued pressure from across the globe to reduce the reliance on antibiotics but maintain production efficiency

This will move us towards an even greater degree of precision in nutrient delivery with minimal antinutrient contamination. Needs are changing and customers now require a wide portfolio of products, along with expertise and related services, rather than expecting a singular solution in the form of one product or service. 

We therefore deliver tailored recommendations for poultry producers, whether this is in the form of enzymes, other additives, or services. For example, we are perhaps best known to many people for our enzymes – which play an important role in feed quality and effectiveness – but our non-enzyme categories now account for more than 20% of our company sales. 

Our core strategy of working in close conjunction with university and scientific boards, puts us in a unique position to offer a high level of support to our customers, as we can continually develop products and services that are built on a strong scientific foundation. New product development is an important factor not only to our business, but the industry as a whole, to continually improve and expand knowledge. However, understanding how to apply these products to build optimal feed strategies is equally as important to ensure customers see an increase in ROI. To do this, it’s important that they have access to the right services to continually monitor and analyse the strategies that are in place.


An optimal feed strategy will look different for every producer in the animal feed sector and could contain any combination of additives or enzymes. We support producers through our expert scientific knowledge and a range of tools to help them select the right additives and extract the most value from them.

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Swine products

Combining industry-leading products and optimal feed strategies to increase ROI

Econase GT

Econase GT is a β-glucanase that improves nutrient digestibility and reduces viscosity in barley and oat-based pig and poultry diets.

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Econase XT

EconaseXT is a beta 1-4, endo-xylanase enzyme, designed to improve the degradation of dietary fibre to maximise energy utilisation of the diet.

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Finase EC

FinaseEC is an E. coli-derived 6-phytase developed for use in swine and poultry feeds. It helps release phosphorous, calcium and other mineral ions.

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Maximum Matrix Nutrition

We developed Maximum Matrix Nutrition (MMN) following research to determine the effect of targeted enzyme application to degrade both phytate and NSP.

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Quantum Blue

Quantum Blue works to unlock all six phosphorus molecules, releasing inositol and valuable nutrients that would otherwise stay bound to phytate.

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Signis is a dual acting combination of xylanase and xylo-oligosaccharide, which accelerates the development of a fibre-degrading microbiome.

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Vistabet is a natural betaine source which helps preserve gut integrity; improve carcass quality, spares choline and reduces methionine inclusion.

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Vistacell improves and stabilises the gut microflora; increases the presence of beneficial bacteria; and improves nutrient composition in sow milk.

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AB Vista launches online dietary fibre calculator to help nutritionists optimise animal diets

We have launched a free tool to assist nutritionists as they formulate animal diets. The dietary fibre calculator uses average values of global raw materials to calculate the dietary fibre content (plus other more in-depth fibre parameters) of finished animal feed.

AB Vista supports customers’ sustainability programmes with launch of new emissions reporting service

We have partnered with our sister company Intellync to offer a new reporting service that allows our customers to gain a quick and thorough insight regarding their carbon emissions, helping them to make decisions to reduce their impact.

AB Vista peels back the layers of fibre for animal performance with whitepaper

We have published a new whitepaper called ‘Peeling Back the Layers of Fibre for Animal Performance’ which discusses several misconceptions held in the industry about the complex topic of dietary fibre.


IPPE 2020: Understanding dietary fibre for improved gut function – Part 1

IPPE 2020: Understanding dietary fibre for improved gut function – Part 2

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