Our core values

Integrity, collaboration, creativity, passion and pace

What is special about AB Vista is our pioneering spirit, our passion for trailblazing and taking the initiative, our inherent agility and our non-conformist approach to innovation – all underpinned by the integrity that is at the heart of our feed services and additives business.

We believe that it is this approach that has led to our continued gains in market share and has driven our geographical expansion. Our core values – integrity, collaboration, creativity, passion and pace – are reflected in the ways that we work, both externally with our customers and contacts and internally with our own people.

A passionate and collaborative approach to innovation

Developing the power to change the status quo is not easy. It is born out of fascination with physiological processes. This leads to discovery and from discovery comes innovation. Everyone at AB Vista shares that fascination – it is why we go to work and it drives everything we do.

Since we were formed in 2004, AB Vista has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of enzymes in animal nutrition, live yeast in animal feed and natural betaine production for the global animal nutrition industry. We attribute our success to our strong focus on scientific integrity and our open, collaborative relationships with our customers and research partners.


Juan Ignacio (Nacho) Fernández

Managing Director

Nacho became Managing Director of AB Vista in September 2020. He joined the feed services company in 2015 as Regional Sales Director for West and South Europe, before becoming EMEA Director in 2017. Nacho has more than 20 years’ commercial, technical and marketing experience working in the international animal feed ingredients supplier industry. He graduated as an Agricultural Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid, specialising in animal nutrition and production, and holds an MBA in Marketing from ESIC Business and Marketing School of Madrid.

Heidi Burrows

Regulatory & Quality Director

Heidi is responsible for global registration and quality control of the AB Vista product portfolio. Heidi joined the AB Vista team in January 2008 as a Regulatory Manager, bringing over ten years’ experience of working for animal feed additive companies. She was promoted to the AB Vista management team in January 2012. Heidi gained a PhD from the Food Science Department of Reading University, UK, on the characterisation of Jack Bean alpha-mannosidase (a plant enzyme). Since then, Heidi has worked in various positions within the animal feed industry, starting as an Enzyme Development Manager, moving into R&D and finally into regulatory.

Mike Bedford

Research Director

Mike oversees the development of enzymes in animal nutrition and live yeast in animal feed products for use in ruminant and non-ruminant feeds. Previously Mike has gained experience working in the feed additives industry in research and development teams. Following his PhD in poultry nutrition and biochemistry at University of Guelph in Canada, Mike undertook two post doctorate posts in Canada in Molecular Biology and Poultry Nutrition. Since then, Mike has written or been involved with over 200 publications – including 76 refereed full scientific papers and 92 abstracts of material presented at conferences.

Tiago Tedeschi dos Santos

Global Technical & Marketing Director

Tiago joined AB Vista in 2008 as a Technical Manager based in Brazil. He then spent three years in Marlborough as our Global Technical Manager before moving back to Brazil to provide technical support to the South American market. In 2017 Tiago moved permanently to the UK to take up the position of AB Vista’s Global Technical Director, responsible for providing technical leadership to the global technical sales team. In 2018 he also assumed responsibility for Marketing. Tiago has a PhD in Physiology from Paraná's Federal University and Masters’ degree in Agrarian Sciences from the University of São Paulo. Tiago is specialised in broiler and swine nutrition research and agribusiness at Paraná's Federal University. Before joining AB Vista, Tiago worked as a swine and poultry nutritionist for several animal feed companies in Brazil.

Ari Kiviniemi

Business Development & ASPAC Director

Ari develops the global sales infrastructure for AB Vista products. He has a proven track record for establishing international sales networks that have led to successful business growth and expansion. Being based in Madrid, Ari has particular focus on the Europe, Middle East and Africa and South Asia regions. Ari is one of the original team who established the animal feed ingredients supplier before its official launch as AB Vista in 2006.

Dieter Suida

Global Commercial Director

Dieter graduated from Viçosa Federal University with a Masters’ in Animal Science, specialising in monogastric nutrition. Having worked for international animal feed additive companies and a Brazilian premix company, Dieter has extensive experience in the swine and poultry feed industry, including advanced animal nutrition, technical services, sales and marketing. Dieter joined AB Vista in 2006 as Regional Director for Latin America, at the start of our project to launch in that region.

Ian Vincent

Finance Director

Ian is responsible for driving commercial change within the business. This includes implementing and managing financial and IT systems infrastructure to support AB Vista’s desire to become one of the top global animal feed additive companies. Ian gained a degree in Maths, Economics and Statistics from the University of Birmingham before going on to train as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen. With 21 years of financial experience gained in a variety of industries ranging from retail to aircraft manufacture, Ian has built up an extensive knowledge to draw upon when leading the AB Vista finance team. Ian started with the ABF group in 2002 following his appointment as Finance Director of Ryvita before joining AB Vista in January 2009.

Janette Logan

Human Resources Director

Janette joined AB Vista in August 2019 and is responsible for all aspects of Human Resources. She is a Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) qualified HR professional, who prior to joining us worked across many diverse business areas including the manufacturing, automotive, leisure and chemical industries as well as the public sector, including education and local government. Prior to her move into HR, Janette worked in sales and marketing for a range of multinational organisations.

Partners and associations

Local partnerships

We encourage our offices to develop ties with local schools and colleges to help promote agriculture as a career option – whilst at the same time getting more involved with the community. This local support extends further still with many of our employees taking part in a range of community volunteer and sponsorship programmes in their regions.

Links with local schools and colleges

At AB Vista we are keen for our larger offices to develop links with local schools and colleges so we can help promote agriculture as a career option whilst getting more involved with the local community

ESC in Wales has links with Bridgend College and has supported short term work placements and a longer term industry placement, as well as giving talks on enzyme assays at the College.

Our Marlborough office has teamed up with local secondary school St Johns, and is involved in their career fairs, mock interviews, career talks and annual Science Week.

Community support

For example, when Hurricane Irma hit the East coast of the United States in September 2017, the team in our lab in Plantation, Florida, volunteered to join the relief effort, sorting out food donated for the shelters.

On a smaller scale, our colleagues engage in litter picks around their offices and take part in charity events. 

Careers at AB Vista

We’re looking for trail-blazers, non-conformists, innovators.

Attracting the right people to AB Vista is one of our key priorities. We’re looking for those who share our passions and embrace our core values of integrity, collaboration, creativity and pace. If you are interested in joining us please register your details (note: you will be redirected to the careers registration page of our parent company, AB Agri).


40-80% of carbon emissions from raising livestock are associated with the production of the feed, not the animal

As a global feed additive business, we have unique access to feed and protein producers across all continents, creating an opportunity to develop global insights and provide consistency in how we measure emissions across the globe.

See our sustainability page for more information.

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