The progression of ruminant nutrition along with new insights into the rumen microbiome has led to the advancement in targeted feed services and ingredients to optimise rumen function and overall animal health.

Consistent heifer growth and performance

The diet and its content, density, balance of nutrients and palatability factors, especially with younger animals are all significant factors in heifer development.

We also do not want cattle to develop bad habits because of how we raise them. That can include rations that encourage them to learn to sort feed, or delivery programs that encourage them to eat slugs of feed, or to become competitive at the feed bunk. Or if it is a less dominant animal, not to eat only what it needs.

Consistency is important not only in animal feed formulation, but how and when the ration is presented to minimise waste. We can help establish practices and habits which can be implemented to help reduce waste in animal feeds.

Ruminant products

Combining industry-leading products and optimal feed strategies to increase ROI


Axcelera C

Axcelera C is a highly digestible lactose pellet for faster growth of calves, faster rumen development and earlier weaning age.

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Vistabet is a natural betaine source which helps preserve gut integrity; improve carcass quality, spares choline and reduces methionine inclusion.

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Vistacell improves and stabilises the gut microflora; increases the presence of beneficial bacteria; and improves nutrient composition in sow milk.

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Vista Pre-T


VistaPre-T improves fibre use, resulting in greater energy release from roughages and fibrous co-products to improve efficiency and performance.

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As the industry’s understanding of the rumen environment improves, so too does our knowledge of how to overcome frequently seen challenges, in dairy and beef digestion. For example, the efficiency of the rumen to utilise feedstuffs can be impaired by the presence of oxygen, pH changes and changes to the microbiome. This knowledge provides producers with the opportunity to include rumen beneficial feed additives to increase rumen efficiency and overall herd profitability.

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Creating new nutritional and economic value from fibre

Fibre is a key component of the ruminant diet and subsequently has a notable impact on performance. Digestibility of fibre can markedly affect performance through its influence on the availability of energy and protein.

How can the beef and dairy industries maximise their potential?

The beef and dairy industries are facing multiple challenges – including increasing levels of sustainability and meeting changing consumer needs and wants – as they look to maintain their important role in global food production.

Maintaining a healthy rumen environment leads to an improvement in milk production and feed efficiency

Feed ingredients can have a significant impact on animal health and performance. Unbalanced diets can put dairy cattle at risk from diseases, such as sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA).


IPPE 2020: Understanding dietary fibre for improved gut function – Part 1

IPPE 2020: Understanding dietary fibre for improved gut function – Part 2

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