The food and agriculture sectors are responsible for up to 30 per cent of global driven greenhouse gas emissions

Meat and dairy consumption is particularly in the spotlight due to health and environmental concerns


Step 1

We process the production data of your farms, using the Intellync carbon footprinting model.

Step 2

We perform an in-depth review of the outputs, applying our production knowledge to develop clear and actionable insights. 

Step 3

We provide tailor-made recommendations, in report format, to use with key business stakeholders, including nutritionists, marketing and CSR departments and distributors.

When measuring on-farm emissions, there are a huge number of aspects that need to be looked at. Because of this, feed formulation is often overlooked, but it can contribute a significant level of emissions. Through our emissions service, we offer an internationally recognised table of average carbon footprints for raw materials which incorporates averages for fertiliser application, distance crops travel and amount or processing.

Feed industry stakeholders who are looking to credibly benchmark against competitors and customers, make improvements, and leverage the reputational advantages of sustainability gains should get in touch.

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Emissions measured:

  • Feed & Animal data
  • Manure
  • Land use change
  • Animal efficiency

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