Even when rumen conditions are optimised cell wall digestibility is less than 65%. (Van Soest, 1994)

VistaPre-T’s unique mode of action enables improved fibre utilisation

Resulting in greater energy release from roughages and fibrous co-products that can deliver improved efficiency and performance

  • Best cost formulation
  • Improved animal performance
  • Dry and liquid formats
  • Stable and efficacious when mixed

Fibre is a key component of the ruminant diet and subsequently has a notable impact on performance.

Fibre utilization is a key factor in influencing available energy and protein which has a direct impact on feed efficiency, an important factor in achieving  commercial success. 

However, plant cell wall digestibility is typically less than 65%, meaning valuable energy is unavailable under normal conditions. When cereal grains are added to the ration plant cell wall digestibility can be reduced further to 35% (1. Van Soest (1994)), resulting in greater losses of the natural energy content found in fibrous feeds, negatively impacting performance and economic return.

Applied directly onto the Total Mixed Ration as a liquid, VistaPre-T starts to work immediately to break down forage surface fibre.

Suited to diets containing fibre from forage and fibrous co- products

Creates a window of opportunity to unlock the energy potential of fibre

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VistaPre-T in Dairy cows


VistaPre-T in Beef cattle


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