Accelerators are delivered to the gut in neonates and take animal performance to a higher trajectory than conventional best practice achieves

A combination of academic (Leeds University, Harper Adams University) and commercial trials have proven the concept of Axcelera-P. The data show that there are 3 fundamental benefits:

  • An improvement in lifetime performance
  • Reduced piglet mortality
  • Improved uniformity at weaning

Very effective with hyperprolific sows

It’s best not to think of Accelerators such as Axcelera-P in terms of offering a better feed or a new diet. That is what makes them such a breakthrough. Axcelera-P has non-feed features in how it performs and is produced. It uses a proprietary formulation and a new production technology to activate specific ingredients that create a novel effect whose performance is greater than the sum of the parts.


Easy to Use
Increase farm performance
Lifetime Performance
Pre-Weaning Performance
Post-Weaning Performance
Enhances Milk System
Savings On Milk System
To Slaughter 8 Days Earlier
Weaning Benefits
Measure The Benefits

Technical Information

Axcelera-P technical information

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