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Vistacell in ruminant nutrition

  • Adding Vistacell to the ration can help increase rumen pH
  • This reduces the number of lactic-acid producing microbes, whilst increasing the number and activity of fibre-digesting microbes
  • Improved fibre digestion and dry matter intake result in greater productivity

For dairy and beef farmers, Vistacell can provide an expected 4:1 return on investment

  • Up to 10% improvement in live weight gain (beef)
  • Increased forage and dry matter intake in early lactation
  • Reduced incidence of acidosis and sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA)
  • Increased feed efficiency
  • Improved dung consistency

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Vistacell is available in a range of blended farmpacks:

Vistacell 4% and 8%

The most effective live yeast on the market, Vistacell FarmPack delivers the highest number of live yeast cells per day to optimise the rumen environment and improve herd performance.

Vistacell AB

Combining the advantages of Vistacell live yeast with a highly efficient rumen conditioner, there is not a more effective solution for reducing cases of acidosis and SARA and improving feed efficiency.

Vistacell Ultra

Mycotoxins can seriously impact herd performance and bottom line. Vistacell Ultra is a unique combination of species-specific ingredients designed to protect your profit. The live yeast improves overall immune response to mycotoxins whilst other bio-active ingredients deactivates and removes mycotoxins most hazardous to your herd.

Vistacell AU

Where a serious mycotoxin problem has been identified, Vistacell AU should be considered. SARA and acidosis can impact your herd’s natural defences against mycotoxins. By combining a live yeast, rumen conditioner and bio-active ingredients to remove mycotoxins, Vistacell AU is the ultimate solution to protecting herd performance.

Adding Vistacell to the ration can help increase rumen pH

For dairy and beef farmers, Vistacell can provide an expected 4:1 ROI

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Vistacell chart 1

Vistacell in swine nutrition

  • Improve and stabilise the gut microflora
  • Increase the presence of beneficial bacteria
  • Improve the nutrient composition of sow milk: 
    • Higher immunoglobulin levels help to increase piglet immunity
    • Benefits both the sow and the suckling piglet, through improved piglet weight and reduced pre-weaning mortality

    Vistacell works to improve and stablise the gut microflora, increase the presence of beneficial bacteria and improve the nutrient composition of sow milk.

    Vistacell has multiple functionalities that can help support the needs of the animal through a stressful period:

    Vistacell in piglet nutrition

    Results have demonstrated an average 4.9% improve in gain and a 7 point improvements in FCR over four trials when feeding Vistacell


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    Our calculator is designed for nutritionists and uses averages of global raw materials to calculate the dietary fibre content (plus other more in-depth fibre parameters) of finished animal feed. These parameters are available within AB Vista’s Dietary Fibre analysis service (part of our NIR service).

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