Optimal gut function is critical for animal health, welfare and performance – and an integral part of antibiotic-free production

By strengthening gut wall integrity Progres® helps animals achieve peak performance sustainably

With its unique active compound, Progres® controls inflammation by decreasing collagen degradation in gut epithelium. The result being better performance, fewer intestinal disorders and less need for medication.

  • Supports intestinal integrity
  • Positively modifies intestinal microbiota
  • Reduces the growth of harmful pathogens
  • Improves animal resilience


A naturally active force to mitigate the damage caused by intestinal inflammation


Livestock producers face a constant challenge to keep their animals healthy and  productive. Poor gut health can be a real issue. It makes animals more susceptible to intestinal inflammation, impairs performance and well-being of animals.

Inflammation of the intestinal tissue harms epithelial barrier function and deforms villi structure. This reduces nutrient absorption and opens an entrance for harmful bacteria, further inflaming the gut and leading to ‘leaky gut syndrome’.

Progres® breaks this vicious cycle by utilising the natural protection mechanisms of coniferous trees. Resin acids, the active compound of Progres®, limit the production of specific enzymes that harm epithelial integrity. Progres® also beneficially modifies intestinal microbiota, favouring butyrate producers and lactobacilli and reducing the growth of Gram-positive pathogens.

Whatever the specific cause of inflammation, resin acids will reduce the damage. By controlling inflammation, Progres® improves intestinal integrity, leading to better performance, fewer intestinal disorders and less reliance on medication.

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