Fibre degrading enzymes can maximise digestibility and feed conversion

MMN capitalises on the properties of Quantum Blue and Econase XT. This allows customers to take higher dietary nutrient contributions whilst maintaining animal performance, enabling considerable cost savings and a reduction in nutrient excretion.

  • Improve financial returns
  • Equal performance at lower cost
  • Reduce waste

Phytate is known to be a potent anti-nutrient, impairing the utilisation of minerals and other nutrients, such as amino acids and energy.

Improved nutrient use, improvement in amino acids, minerals and energy

Monogastrics do not produce fibre-degrading enzymes or enough phytases

The practice of superdosing phytase to target phytate (IP6) destruction has arisen from the industry recognising the nutritional benefits to be had from more complete phytate breakdown.

Recent advances in xylanase research have demonstrated that xylanase enzymes have a role to play in potentiating the gut microflora to degrade more fibre.

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Online Feed Fibre Calculator

Calculate the percentage of dietary fibre in your feed

Our calculator is designed for nutritionists and uses averages of global raw materials to calculate the dietary fibre content (plus other more in-depth fibre parameters) of finished animal feed. These parameters are available within AB Vista’s Dietary Fibre analysis service (part of our NIR service).

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