Blooming biomes mean blooming profits

Making a well-informed, intelligent choice when choosing an appropriate feed additive is made easier with the arrival of Signis.

Signis is a stimbiotic – a product that is delivered at low concentrations to signal and accelerate the fermentation of fibre already in the gut.

Without antibiotics, an alternative nutritional strategy is needed to meet the challenge of achieving the right balance between health, performance and feed efficiency.

Harnessing the gut microbiome

The gut microbiome is central to improved gut health and ensuring optimum gut health helps to ensure the best performance in terms of feed efficiency and consequent body mass improvement.

Optimal gut resilience gives animals the best chance of dealing with multiple challenges which could otherwise result in reduced productivity.

  • Stimulation of fibrolytic bacteria
  • Reduction in feed conversion ratio
  • Improved gut resilience and livability
  • Immune modulation

Business blooms when you farm the biome

Fibre is key to unlocking the potential of the microbiome

Moa signis


Signis is a stimbiotic, a functional class of feed additive which optimises the use of dietary fibre by accelerating the establishment of the microbiome to be more efficient at fibre fermentation, resulting in increased VFA production, reduced protein fermentation and more favourable hindgut conditions for the animal.

Stimulation of the gut microbiome is an emerging strategy to improve animal performance reducing the reliance on growth-promoting antibiotics (AGPs).

Signis for poultry


Signis for swine


88% of trials gave a positive outcome: Signis consistently delivers.

The feed industry is turning to new tools to address new challenges

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Online Feed Fibre Calculator

Calculate the percentage of dietary fibre in your feed

Our calculator is designed for nutritionists and uses averages of global raw materials to calculate the dietary fibre content (plus other more in-depth fibre parameters) of finished animal feed. These parameters are available within AB Vista’s Dietary Fibre analysis service (part of our NIR service).

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