Methionine is the first limiting amino acid on most diets and one of the building blocks of proteins

VistaPass M is designed to target optimal bioavailability and to support methionine requirements

VistaPass M is a rumen protected methionine produced under a unique micro encapsulation technique designed to provide better homogeneity, intestinal slow release, and rumen protection. AB Vista’s feed intelligence approach can help you formulate it into the diet dependent on the goal and provide you with the expertise and support to meet your individual objectives.

  • Reduced protein feed costs
  • Improved milk components and yield
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Builds resilience
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Feed ingredients and methionine

A building block of protein, methionine is essential for various biological processes and is also one of the first limiting amino acids (AAs) in most diets. Each feed ingredient provides a different amount of protein and, therefore, methionine (Figure 1). And while some feed ingredients have excellent amino acid profiles, not all do which is why most ruminant diets are limited in methionine.

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Supporting the application of VistaPass M


AB Vista NIR services can provide quick and reliable insights into the varying levels of Methionine in ingredients, supporting the goal of precision nutrition. Mixability profile can support the consistency of the feeding to the cows while manure calibration reassures the correct digestibility.

The inclusion of VistaPass M allows for the reduction of additional protein sources in the diet, reducing the carbon emissions associated with milk production. AB Vista’s Emissions Reporting Service can track the level of CO2e released at farm level, supporting your sustainability goals.

VistaPass M


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