Farming the rumen with VistaPre-T improves digestion, decreases emissions and increases productivity.

VistaPre-T boosts the rumen's natural ability to digest forage and that not only lowers feed costs but lowers emissions too.

Less pressure on the pocket and less pressure on the environment. 

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VistaPre-T’s unique mode of action enables better forage utilisation

Resulting in reduced carbon emissions and reduced feed costs

  • Best cost formulation
  • Improved animal performance
  • Dry and liquid formats
  • Stable and efficacious when mixed
  • Reduced carbon emissions

Maintain performance and harvest more energy from forage

VistaPre-T is a pre-treatment that can be formulated into the total ration to get more energy from home grown forage, reducing the reliance on other costly cereals or additives such as protected fats. Getting more energy from fibre has benefits in reducing emissions but also provides a rumen friendly source of energy and can increase overall productivity of the animal.



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