Quick & efficient transformation of monogastric calf into ruminant

Farmers know that our priority is to transform the monogastric calf into a ruminant as efficiently and quickly as possible. Extensive study and trial work shows that accelerated calves grow faster with significantly greater daily intakes when offered Axcelera-C.

Earlier solid feed intakes mean calves can be weaned earlier. Axcelera-C can also be used to reduce the growth and condition slump that many calves experience at weaning – maintaining growth momentum through the weaning phase and beyond.

  • Calves grow faster
  • Faster rumen development
  • Calves can wean earlier
  • Reduced weaning slump

So palatable that calves eat it aggressively from day 5

Unique 40% lactose that calves instinctively recognise as ‘solid milk’

Axcelera-C is so palatable that calves eat it aggressively from day 5, leading to accelerated growth pre and post weaning. By delivering more energy earlier to the calf, farmers see improvements in health status with a reduction in medication usage.

Unlike milk replacers, being a solid, Axcelera-C enters the rumen where it accelerates rumen development.


Easy To Use
Achieve 1.5kg daily intakes earlier
Reduce the growth and condition slump at weaning
Calf Ranch Benefits

Technical Information

Axcelera-C technical information
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Online Feed Fibre Calculator

Calculate the percentage of dietary fibre in your feed

Our calculator is designed for nutritionists and uses averages of global raw materials to calculate the dietary fibre content (plus other more in-depth fibre parameters) of finished animal feed. These parameters are available within AB Vista’s Dietary Fibre analysis service (part of our NIR service).

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