Gut health and the microbiome

Boosting fibre performance

Axcelera p 1

Axcelera P

With Axcelera-P, each piglet is only offered 200g from day 4, resulting in heavier or earlier finishing pigs.

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Econase XT

Econase XT

EconaseXT is a beta 1-4, endo-xylanase enzyme, designed to improve the degradation of dietary fibre to maximise energy utilisation of the diet.

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Progres® is a natural resin acids product designed to support gut integrity thus improving performance of animals.

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Signis is a Stimbiotic, a functional class of feed additive which accelerates the development of a fibre degrading microbiome.

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Alternative approaches for ZnO-free piglet diets

The concept of zinc oxide (ZnO)-free diets can require all available measures in farm, swine management and feeding reduce the stress and improve immunity and gut health of piglets – a holistic approach is needed. In the absence of ZnO, piglets should be weaned after 28 days of age and

Progres® in pig production: Improve intestinal integrity naturally to enhance pig performance

Good gut health is crucial for animal performance, driving towards profitable and sustainable animal production. This applies to pig production, as well as most other species.

AB Vista ramps up gut health portfolio with innovative natural resin acids product

Natural resin acids of Progres® offer a new route to mitigating negative effects of intestinal inflammation and improving performance in production animals. With AB Vista’s acquisition of Progres®, the company is expanding its gut health portfolio, underlining its commitment to supporting the industry reduce its reliance on antibiotics.


IPPE 2020: Understanding dietary fibre for improved gut function – Part 1

IPPE 2020: Understanding dietary fibre for improved gut function – Part 2

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Online Feed Fibre Calculator

Calculate the percentage of dietary fibre in your feed

Our calculator is designed for nutritionists and uses averages of global raw materials to calculate the dietary fibre content (plus other more in-depth fibre parameters) of finished animal feed. These parameters are available within AB Vista’s Dietary Fibre analysis service (part of our NIR service).

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