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Extraordinary Science Brought to Life video series

Short technical presentations on a range of global animal science and nutrition topics. These videos highlight the latest research and scientific innovation that we believe will help deliver better animal feed formulation and performance gains.


Superdosing, where are the benefits coming from? Part one: complete phytate destruction

Featuring Dr Mike Bedford, Research Director at AB Vista, this video discusses phytate destruction and looks at the latest thinking on counter-acting the anti-nutritive effects to maximise performance.



Superdosing, where are the benefits coming from? Part two: inositol release in the animal gut

Dr Mike Bedford returns for part two of “Superdosing...” taking complete phytate destruction further by looking into the theory and benefits of inositol release in the animal gut.



Understanding dietary fibre to help boost the digestion of animal feed

Dr Hadden Graham, Global Technical Director, explains how the addition of fibre-degrading enzymes to feed delivers significant benefits for animal digestion.



Rumen function vital for greater gains in beef and dairy herds

Dr Nicola Walker, Ruminant Product Development Manager at AB Vista, explores the challenges in feeding ruminants and the role of live yeast and fibre pre-treatment for boosting rumen function.


Dr Pete Wilcock  

Understanding xylanase mechanisms for maximum benefits

Recent swine trials have shown that xylanase introduction early in the nursery period and fed through to slaughter increases overall pig finisher performance. Dr Pete Wilcock, Global Technical Manager at AB Vista, explains how the response may be potentially associated with three mechanisms.



Advances in technology to support more precise feed formulation

Our Global Technical Director, Dr Hadden Graham, details how recent advancements in NIR technology can be used to help better understand feedstuff variability, and therefore maximise profitability in three key areas of feed formulation: phytic P, energy and amino acids.



Achieving consistent gains through xylanase application in swine

Featuring AB Vista Global Technical Manager, Dr Pete Wilcock, this video highlights the potential for a 6 point improvement in weight corrected Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) as a result of xylanase application.


Rob ten Doeschate  

Key factors to consider for consistent phosphorus release and cost savings

EMEA Technical Director Dr Rob ten Doeschate gives an insight into the key factors to consider when evaluating phosphorus equivalency, in order to determine the efficacy of a phytase.



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