The value chain of phytate destruction

Published Monday, 26th September 2016

Watch our short video explaining new details about why complete phytate destruction in animal feed may lead to increased growth efficiency in swine and poultry

The International Phytate Summit, a global congress to be held in November, is an important step in re-evaluating industry nutrition strategies.

With a theme of The Value Chain of Phytate Destruction, the summit aims to advance the industry’s understanding of phytate, and the complex and varied role it plays in nutrition, in order to meet today’s challenges. Convened by the University of Illinois, the Centre of Excellence for Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas, and AB Vista, the summit will bring together a group of experts on phytate.

Phytate has considerable anti-nutrient effects. As well as binding to key minerals, such as calcium and zinc, thereby reducing availability and utilisation, phytate also has a similar impact on energy and amino acid digestibility. The costs associated with the anti-nutritional influence of phytate on growth performance, nutrient and energy utilisation and feed efficiency may be as much as $2 billion/year in lost performance.

As the industry has learnt more about phytate and its interactions in the animal, we have become more aware of the scope of its anti-nutritional influence. Feed efficiency, animal welfare and ultimately profitability are all negatively affected by phytate. So when looking to re-evaluate nutrition strategies, the role of phytate cannot be ignored.

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