Showcasing the first ‘stimbiotic’ product at IPPE 2020

Published Monday, 27th January 2020
Signis stimbiotic  1

We will be profiling Signis, the world’s first ‘stimbiotic’ product, at this year’s IPPE exhibition, taking place from January 28th to 30th in Atlanta, USA.

 Having recently hosted the first International Fibre Summit, we will be bringing to the show a host of expert insights into the changing role of dietary fibre in monogastric nutrition from this event.

 Visitors to our stand (A949) will discover ways in which fibre can be exploited for improved animal performance, as well as having the opportunity to learn about a new functional additive, categorised as ‘stimbiotic’.  

 Our Research Director Dr Mike Bedford explains more:

 “The concept of stimbiotic involves products that have the ability to stimulate the development of a fibre fermentable microbiome.

“The stimbiotic concept is different to how prebiotics are described; rather than adding a product in high concentration to be used as a substrate for hindgut fermentation, the stimbiotic concept is about including a low concentration of products that are used as a signal or kickstarter, driving the microbiome to ferment the fibre that is already present in the gut.”

Our experts will demonstrate how Signis, the first stimbiotic, accelerates the development of a fibre-degrading microbiome and increases nutrient digestibility, enabling nutritionists to improve fermentation of fibre sources that would otherwise be undegraded.

During the event, our Global Technical Manager Gilson Gomes will discuss how to ‘Improve Gut Function and Animal Performance by Stimulating a Fibre Fermenting Microbiome’ at the Tech Talk, taking place on Wednesday 29th January, from 2.30 PM in Hall A – Booth A246.  

 Gilson outlines the value of such information:

 “Exploring the changing role of fibre in monogastric nutrition is key in helping nutritionists and producers gain a deeper understanding of the beneficial bacteria that ferment fibre – for improvements across animal performance and welfare.”

Producers and nutritionists will also be able to access up-to-date fibre news and research following the launch of our new website,

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