Sharing new research into the benefits of xylanase and oligosaccharides for broiler performance, at IPPE Expo’s International Poultry Scientific Forum

Published Thursday, 31st January 2019

As the global animal feed industry continues to reduce usage of growth-promoting antibiotics, the role of the gut microbiome is becoming ever more central to performance-based nutritional strategies.

Over the past six years, we have carried out extensive research into the connection between the production of certain fibre-breakdown products, the gut microbiome and improved animal performance – and two of our key studies in this field are to be presented at the forthcoming International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF).

On 11th February, Kyle Brown from Texas A&M University will share results of our jointly-conducted study into the effect of xylanase and xylo-oligosaccharide application on the performance of male broilers fed diets with two different corn sources.

Results of the 42-day study showed that the inclusion of xylanase increased early body weight and decreased FCR, regardless of corn source – whilst higher levels of XOS led to improved grower feed consumption and increases in body weight, regardless of xylanase inclusion or corn source.

On 12th February, our Global Technical Manager Gilson Gomes will present the results of a study investigating the effects of xylanase and fermentable oligosaccharides on feed efficiency of broilers fed corn-soy based diets containing growth promoters and coccidiostats.

The study involved supplementing a broiler diet with a xylanase alone, or a combination of xylanase plus a fermentable oligosaccharide, compared to a multienzyme with xylanase and mannanase.

At 41 days, both mortality-corrected FCR and body weight corrected FCR of birds fed the xylanase and fermentable oligosaccharide combination were improved, compared to those receiving the other diets. Such results indicate that the combination may be positively altering the gut microbiota and enhancing fibre breakdown and fermentation in the ceca.

Full details of dates, times and presenters are as shown below:

Effects of xylanase and xylo-oligosaccharide application in corn-soy diets on performance of male broilers fed diets with two different corn sources  

  • K. D. Brown, G. González-Ortiz, T. Duong, J. T. Lee
  • Oral presentation, 2/11/2019 at 1:30pm in B313

Feeding a combination of xylanase and fermentable oligosaccharide improved feed efficiency of commercial broilers fed corn-soy based diets containing growth promoters and coccidiostats

  • G. A. Gomes; C. Wyatt; A. Batal; D. Moore
  • Oral presentation, 2/12/2019 at 9:00:00 AM in B314 

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