New perspectives on the role of fibre and phytate in performance-enhancing strategies at SPACE 2019

Published Thursday, 22nd August 2019
New perspectives on the role of fibre and phytate in performance enhancing strategies at space 2019

We are committed to developing new nutritional applications based on scientific insight, to help customers meet their individual production goals. This is achieved through research, nutritional expertise and the ability to analyse nutritional factors – the combination of which is referred to as “feed intelligence”.  

Increasing understanding of fibre is presenting a new perspective on the valuable role it can play in gut health and therefore, within performance-enhancing nutritional strategies. This will be our focus at SPACE 2019.

Understanding fibre has become a cornerstone within our company, leading to our latest innovation, Signis. Visit us at Hall 9, stand D101 to find out about Signis, which accelerates the development of a fibre-degrading microbiome, enabling the fermentation of fibre sources that would otherwise remain undigested, improving the extent of fibre digestibility earlier in the monogastric life cycle.

We will also be showcasing the latest research behind a targeted enzyme application to optimise both phytate and NSP utilisation, in order to reduce the antinutritive effects of both substrates. The enzyme application strategy Maximum Matrix Nutrition delivers complete phytate destruction while reducing viscosity and increasing fibre fermentability. The net result is improved nutrient utilisation and a significant improvement in amino acids, minerals and energy, meaning diets can be formulated with higher nutrient credit, delivering considerable feed cost savings.

Having an in-depth knowledge of the variation of nutritional quality within an ingredient is key for feed manufacturers and producers in order to formulate a diet that meets the requirements of the animal and maximise profitability. This is where NIR technology comes into play, providing rapid and accurate predictions of the nutritional components of feed. This year at SPACE, we will run live NIR demonstrations on our stand.

Our team will be available at Hall 9, stand D101 where an aperitif will be offered on Wednesday (September 11) giving attendees the opportunity to discuss the latest company research.

SPACE 2019 takes place in Rennes, France from 10-13 September.

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