New dairy performance research to be showcased at ADSA Annual Meeting

Published Monday, 17th June 2019
Fibre to take centre stage at ab vista s cornell nutrition conference symposium

We’ll be presenting two new abstracts at the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) meeting, revealing unique insights into the effect of in-feed enzymes on a range of dairy herd performance markers, including milk yield, milk fat, dry matter intake and protein responses.

The research, to be presented at the event in Cincinnati, Ohio from June 23rd to 26th, was conducted by independent researchers at California’s Veterinary Medical Teaching & Research Center and Australia’s Scibus institute across periods of up to six months. Investigating large dairy herds’ responses to a mix of fibrolytic enzymes added to feed pre-calving, it revealed significant benefits across a number of parameters.

Our NAFTA America Technical Manager Dr. Cathy Bandyk outlines some of the key findings:

“The research demonstrated that milk yield, energy-corrected milk yield, milk protein yield and milk fat yield all increased in correlation with enzyme use. Furthermore, dry matter intake was numerically higher for herds receiving enzymes, when compared to control pens.”

Dr. Bandyk explains what this means in real terms for producers:

“With higher feed costs and tighter forage stocks putting pressure on margins, producers are seeking additional ways to maximise the value of milk produced from feed – and these results suggest that enzymes could play a key role in this process, through improving the digestibility of protein and fibre fractions – and increasing the production of milk across herds.”

The research will be presented by Dr Ian Lean, in conjunction with research partners H.M. Golder and H.A. Rossow. For full details of the meeting, see If you are not able to attend the meeting but would like more information on the research, please contact us via email at

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