International Phytate Summit in Taiwan – in cooperation with Besta Biotech

Published Tuesday, 26th November 2019
International phytate summit

In cooperation with our Taiwan distributor, Besta Biotech Co., LTD., we recently hosted the “International Phytate Summit” in Tainan, Taiwan, to discuss the latest research on phytate and its multi-factorial impact on animal production. 

The by-invitation-only event has helped more than one hundred participants, including nutritionists, formulators, feed millers and farmers, understand the anti-nutritional factors of phytate and identify advances in diet formulation to combat the anti-nutritional effect of phytate.

Opening the summit, Dr Bi Yu, from National Chung Hsing University Department of Animal Science, highlighted the importance of further understanding the ‘break down’ products of phytate, particularly phytate esters and inositol, and their impact on the animal.

The session began with the topic “Phytate in animal feeds, its intestinal degradation and resulting inositol levels in the blood of pig and poultry”, presented by our Senior Research Manager Dr Imke Kuhn.

This was followed by a presentation by Dr Charles Brearley from University of East Anglia, explaining how inositol improves feed conversion ratio in poultry and how the severity of Woody Breast myopathy is reduced through modulation of oxygen hormeostasis-related genes in broiler chickens.

Dr Audrey McElroy from Texas A&M University presented on the topic “Interaction of calcium and necrotic enteritis in broilers”. Dr McElroy shared a recent trial that shows that not only inclusion rate of calcium, but also limestone source and solubility characteristics effect broiler performance and mortality during naturally occurring necrotic enteritis.

Our Research Director Dr Mike Bedford presented “Superdosing of Phytases.” Sharing detailed trial data, Dr Bedford concluded that superdosing of phytases will improve nutrient availability, while coupled with antioxidants and supplemental zinc, it will result in faster growth of the broiler as well as reduced Woody Breast incidence. 

“AB Vista regularly organises scientific forums such as these to provide our customers with the latest nutritional applications, insights and trial results, as well as showing them practical examples of how these can help in their businesses,” said Dr Bedford.

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