Insights from EuroTier 2018: training the microbiome to degrade more fibre

Published Wednesday, 12th December 2018

This year’s EuroTier exhibition was an exciting opportunity to explore the industry trends and topics that are likely to influence the sector for the year ahead.

One topic of interest is the movement away from antibiotics as growth promoters, which is putting more pressure on producers to find alternative solutions to improve gut function and health.

We at AB Vista are focusing heavily on the role of fibre and opportunities to train the microbiome to degrade more fibre.

Speaking at EuroTier, our Global Technical and Marketing Director Tiago Tedeschi dos Santos outlined key areas of research: “We are focusing on researching how different ingredients have different types of fibre, how the use of different products such as enzymes can improve or change the characteristics of fibre to deliver more oligosaccharides, and how these oligosaccharides can interfere with the microbiome to affect the fermentation of this fibre. This can lead to better gut health and better performance.”

Watch our full EuroTier video

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