Innovative feed additive research and poultry nutrition expertise at PSA 2021

Published Monday, 9th August 2021
Poultry technology

Our experts shared their latest feed additive research and poultry nutrition knowledge by delivering abstracts at the Poultry Science Association’s virtual Annual Meeting.

Our presentations included two new pieces of research which support our ‘Stimbiotic’ concept which involves products that can stimulate the development of a fibre fermentable microbiome.

Global Technical Manager, Gilson Gomes, clarified how the performance of broilers fed diets differing on soluble arabinoxylan content – with or without stimbiotic supplementation – is impacted, by outlining the findings from a trial to evaluate the effect of dietary non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) and soluble arabinoxylans (sAX) when compared against a corn/ corn-soybean meal diet.

Dr Gemma Gonzalez, AB Vista’s Research Manager, developed the audience’s understanding of the effect of stimbiotic supplementation and litter reutilization on broiler chickens. She explained how the mode of action of a stimbiotic relies on the provision of xylo-oligosaccharides as an immediate compound for microbiota metabolism and xylanase to hydrolyze dietary arabinoxylans into small oligosaccharides utilized by beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Gilson Gomes also explained how even though the use of phytase in broiler diets is ubiquitous, there is still opportunity to optimize its usage through defining best dose rate via phytate-P analysis and taking advantage of the extra-P benefits of phytase supplementation thereby reducing broiler production cost. He did this through the abstract ‘Effect of two commercially available phytases, supplemented at two different dose rates, on performance of broilers fed diets reduced in minerals, energy and amino acids’.

The final abstract on the ‘Effects of dietary Ca concentration on the performance of broiler chicks fed various sources of dietary phosphorous (P) with and without phytase supplementation, responses under slight P deficiency’ was presented by Cooper Fritzlen from Virginia Tech who worked with colleagues and AB Vista Research Director, Dr Mike Bedford, on the study.

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