Published Monday, 21st March 2022

Back at ASAS Midwest to share global research insights

Swine expertise shared at key industry event

We were delighted to be a silver sponsor – and to have contributed to seven presentations and posters – for the American Society of Animal Science Midwest event, in Omaha, Nebraska, this month.

The new research has been conducted in conjunction with several independent institutes, including: University of Illinois; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; North Carolina State University; Iowa State University; Oklahoma State University; as well as Setna ADM; The Maschhoffs, LLC; Provimi; Hanor Family of Companies; and IRTA Constantí.

Sharing research findings at this type of industry event helps the animal nutrition industry to progress and encourages further studies. Each new piece of research helps to improve our knowledge and understanding of the optimum way to formulate diets to meet the growing demands faced by the industry whilst maintaining profitability.

Our presentations

On Tuesday 15 March, Gustavo Cordero, our Global Swine Technical Manager, presented the ‘Effect of live yeast supplementation on redox potential, gastrointestinal microbiota, and short-chain fatty acids in piglets’.

Then on Wednesday 16 March, he talked about ‘Superdosing phytase fed during transition phase in sows increased piglet weight gain’ and Laura Merriman, one of our Technical Managers, presented ‘Evaluation of the effects of a stimbiotic and fibre source on nursery pig performance’.

Working with our partners, we also contributed to the following papers/posters presented at the event:

• Effects of Total Dietary Fibre Content During Gestation on Sow Reproductive Performance

• Effects of Increasing Total Dietary Fibre During Gestation and the Pre-farrowing Period on Sow and Litter Performance in Lactation

• Impact of Solubility of Dietary Fibre Fed During the Pre-farrow Period on Sow and Litter Performance in Lactation

The full schedule of posters and presentations is available at:

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