AB Vista plans for continued growth in Former Soviet Union

Published Tuesday, 16th February 2016
Ab vista plans for continued growth in former soviet union

AB Vista has appointed a new Technical Sales Manager to its Former Soviet Union region, as it continues to expand its product and service offering in the emerging market.

The animal nutrition technology company welcomes György Stefan to its team following sales growth in its enzyme portfolio, which includes the Econase XT xylanase and Quantum Blue phytase.

AB Vista Sales Director for the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region and Former Soviet Union, Adrian Kaszuba, says György Stefan brings more than a decade of poultry expertise and sales experience to the position.

“György will work closely with FeedAgro, our distribution partner, and customers to ensure they’re making the most of our products and maximising their animal nutrition strategies.

“He will also play a key role in managing the technical services available to customers across monogastric feedstuffs.”

Those technical services, which help to identify inefficiencies and highlight opportunities across the feed production process, include: the Feed Quality Service (enabling more informed purchase of raw materials); Engineering Service (assessing equipment design and operation to improve enzyme application); and Laboratory Service (using ELISA and wet chemistry to determine enzyme activity and therefore product quality and consistency).

“We believe that through offering these technical services, combined with our pioneering products, we can offer real value to feed companies, veterinarians, nutritionists and producers across the Former Soviet Union,” Mr Kaszuba says. “And our team, including Mr Stefan, are critical to that customer offering.”

Mr Stefan has a considerable experience from multiple markets in the region, including poultry roles in both Hungary and Ukraine. Most recently, he has worked as Director of Poultry Production at the Tula premix plant in Russia for Agrofeed (the largest feed and premix producer in Hungary).

The appointment comes as AB Vista celebrated another milestone in the region – recently holding its inaugural product showcase at the leading animal production trade show in Russia, “MVC: Cereals -Mixed Feed - Veterinary - 2016”.

Picture: left to right - György Stefan; Dimcho Djouvinov, AB Vista Technical Manager CEE; Adrian Kaszuba, AB Vista Sales Director CEE and Former Soviet Union.

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