AB Vista appoints Dr Eckel as distributor in Germany and Austria

Published Thursday, 14th April 2016
Ab vista appoints dr eckel as distributor in germany and austria

AB Vista has announced an alliance with German-based distributor Dr Eckel, a global provider of animal feed additives.

The new agreement, which will see the Dr Eckel supply AB Vista’s ground breaking phytase Quantum Blue and Finase EC to the German and Austrian market, is integral to the company’s vision to become the primary feed enzyme supplier in the region.

Richard Cooper, Managing Director of AB Vista, says “Dr Eckel is a well-established, highly capable company and we are proud to be working with a partner that shares our passion for excellent customer service as well as having a deep knowledge of animal nutrition and a strong commitment to the sustainability of our Industry”.

As Germany is now the leading producer of annual feed tonnage in the EU, producing almost 24 million tonnes per year, it’s vital that customers have access to animal nutrition technology that can improve feed efficiency and animal performance, Juan Ignacio Fernandez, AB Vista’s Sales Director for West and South Europe says.

Mr Fernandez believes that Dr Eckel’s strong distribution network across the country means AB Vista customers will have rapid and efficient access to its products and services.

“Through the appointment of Dr Eckel, customers will have access to Quantum Blue phytase,” he says, “which can break down the anti-nutrient phytate, enabling improved performance in swine and poultry. Moreover many end-users have started superdosing – using higher phytase doses in feed – to reduce the anti-nutritional effects of phytate (IP6) and lower esters (IP5, IP4, and IP3), as this has proven to give additional performance benefits beyond standard dosing”.

AB Vista’s technical services, which help to improve enzyme application and ensure quality and consistency, will also be available through the new partnership.

Dr Antje Eckel, CEO of Dr Eckel, says the addition of AB Vista’s animal nutrition technology broadens the company’s existing product and service offering in Germany and Austria, and will provide customers with new tools to improve their operations in the expanding market.

“AB Vista’s approach – including Quantum Blue superdosing – fits well with the generally high level of technical knowledge, understanding and acceptance of new concepts within the industry. We are pleased this new alliance will allow us to provide customers with pioneering products and services”.

To find out more about AB Vista products in Germany and Austria please contact Dr Eckel GmbH on +49-(0)-2636-9749-0.

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