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Research evaluates possible interaction between xylanase usage and butyrate in broiler performance

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Research presented by AB Vista at the 2018 Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting, held in Texas in July, evaluates the possible interaction between xylanase and butyrate supplementation on performance in broilers fed a wheat-based diet. 

Sodium butyrate is commonly added to broiler diets to promote animal health.  A short chain fatty acid, butyrate is an essential energy source for intestinal epithelial cells and for intestinal function.

Part of the mode of action of NSPase enzymes is improved fibre fermentation and VFA (including butyrate) production, and this is partly responsible for improved performance in broilers fed an NSPase.

Xylanase inclusion was shown to improve broiler feed efficiency and body weight gain in the starter period and feed conversion at 42 days of age, whereas butyrate had no effect on overall performance.

When measured across the different intestinal compartments, VFAs (acetate, propionate and butyrate; end-products of fibre fermentation) were primarily present in the caeca. 

The results of the trial showed that xylanase supplementation improved the performance of broilers fed a wheat-based diet, giving superior performance benefits over an added external source of butyrate. 

“We know that some specific xylanase end-products produced during the animal’s life are necessary for adapting the intestinal microbiota, which in turn can boost fibre utilisation and performance,” says Gemma Gonzalez Ortiz, AB Vista Research Manager.

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Read more about PSA and download the abstract of Gemma Gonzalez Ortiz's presentation

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