An E.coli-derived 6-phytase developed specifically for use in swine and poultry feeds.

  • Degrades the phytate found in the grain, releasing phosphorus (P) that would otherwise be unavailable to the animal.
  • Facilitates the release of calcium (Ca) and other mineral ions that are bound to the phytate and are therefore normally unavailable.
  • Counteracts the effects of phytate on endogenous secretions, binding digestive enzymes and other nutrients in the gut and reducing the environmental impact from phosphate excreted by pigs and poultry.
  • Helps release extra energy and protein to the animal.


Finase EC is only available in selected regions. For more information



Highly active under intestinal conditions – important for feed efficiency, given the low retention time in swine and poultry


Benefits of Finase EC for poultry and swine


Broiler trial carried out by Aveve Veevoeding, Belgium (2010). Results show the positive influence of the increased release of P and other nutrients by Finase EC   on bird performance when fed a phosphate-reduced diet.


The effect of Finase EC on P-digestibility demonstrated in piglet and sow trials at the University of Kaposvar in Hungary (2003). Results show the dose response in improved P-digestibility due to the breakdown of dietary phytate by Finase EC.


Finase EC is only available in selected regions. To find out more


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