Creating new Nutritional and Economic Value from Fibre

Fibre is a key component of the ruminant diet and subsequently has a notable impact on performance.

Digestibility of fibre can markedly affect performance through its influence on the availability of energy and protein.

Digestibility in the rumen *

  • Even when rumen conditions are optimised cell wall digestibility is less than 65%.
  • Addition of cereal grains reduces digestibility to 35%, leading to greater losses in natural energy from fibrous feed.

* Van Soest, 1994

Unlock the potential of your fibre

VistaPre-T’s unique mode of action enables improved fibre utilisation, resulting in greater energy release from roughages and fibrous co-products that can deliver improved efficiency and performance.

  • Applied directly onto the Total Mixed Ration as a liquid, VistaPre-T starts to work immediately to break down forage surface fibre.
  • Enables pre-digestion of fibre before consumption.



VistaPre-T in Dairy cows

Trials demonstrate that pre-treatment of forage with VistaPre-T:

  • Increases the number of fibre degrading microbes in the rumen
  • Increases predicted ME
  • Reduces lag time to digestion
  • Increases milk yield by >2 litres

Feed efficiency in early lactation increases after using VistaPre-T treated feed:

  • 20 cows/group
  • 49 DIM, early lactation
  • Trial duration = 10 weeks
  • Diet = barley and alfalfa silage based


  • Significant decrease in DMI (-2.3 kg/d, P<0.02)
  • Significant increase in feed efficiency (+11.3%, P<0.01)

VistaPre-T in Beef cattle

VistaPre-T is suited to diets that contain fibre from forage and fibrous co- products, typically used in the growing of beef cattle.

Recent studies have demonstrated:

  • Increased bodyweight
  • Increase in average daily gain
  • Improved feed efficiency
Created with Highcharts 4.1.9Treatmentskg ECM/kg DMIFeed efficiency in early lactation increasesafter using VistaPre-T treated feed ControlVistaPre-T00.511.52

Barley silage 20.6, Alfalfa silage 20.6 Alfalfa hay 10.8 Barley grain SR 9.52 Corn grain, SR 8.88 Bypass SBM 5 6.60 Corn, dry ground 6.00 Barley, dry ground 5.16 SBM l 4.32 Corn DGs 3.36 Canola meal 2.52 Limestone 0.41 NaHCO3 0.39 Salt 0.33 Mag ox 0.19 Dicalcium phosphate 0.17Trace mineral premix6 0.15





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