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Superdosing: where are the benefits coming from?

In recent years, many users have adopted the practice of phytase superdosing, using higher phytase doses to target complete phytate (IP6) destruction.

New research has helped improve the understanding of why additional performance improvements are seen in the animal when superdosing phytase, compared to using lower standard phytase doses. Featuring Dr Mike Bedford, R&D Director at AB Vista, these two videos go into the science behind the benefits of superdosing.

Part One: Complete phytate destruction

Part one discusses phytate destruction and looks at the latest thinking on counter-acting the anti-nutritive effects to maximise performance.

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Part Two: Inositol release in the animal gut

Part Two takes complete phytate destruction further by looking into the theory and benefits of inositol release in the animal gut.

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