Quantum Blue takes productivity to another level. The Quantum Level.

Quantum Blue has a high affinity for phytate. It works with the animal to unlock all six phosphorus molecules - even when there are low levels in the gut - releasing inositol and valuable nutrients that would otherwise stay bound to phytate.

Quantum Blue has the characteristics to achieve maximum phytate breakdown:

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Infographic: Phytase superdosing - more efficient production




Unlocking the full potential of phytate opens up a magnitude of nutritional benefits, enhancing mineral absorption and protein digestibility, resulting in improved production efficiency.

Quantum Blue can be flexibly applied for your production goals:

  • Quantum Blue Maximum Matrix Nutrition Program can deliver substantial cost savings of up to $30/T of feed whilst maintaining animal performance
  • Applying Quantum Blue at 1500-2500 FTU/kg on top of a standard diet can increase animal performance by 3-4pts

Shed light on your phytate content using near infrared (NIR) technology

AB Vista uses NIR to monitor the phytate level in the diet to ensure there is enough substrate available to apply the recommended matrix for Quantum Blue.  This gives nutritionists the confidence that they can achieve the necessary nutrient release from phytate to maintain performance, whilst replacing the ingredients removed from the diet. Learn more about our phytate reference guide

The International Phytate Summit

The International Phytate Summit brought together experts in animal nutrition to further our knowledge and understanding of phytate and identify advances in diet formulation to combat its anti-nutritional effects. Learn more about IPS3

Feed Safety 

Animal feed safety is central to the way we work and AB Vista’s enzyme products are produced at FAMI-QS certified sites. FAMI-QS, also known as International Safe Feed/Food, is the global certification scheme focusing on the safety, quality and regulatory compliance of speciality feed ingredients.

Quantum Blue – 4 Point Improvement in FCR

Composite analysis of 6 trials: Body weight corrected FCR
of broilers from d 0 to 35/42 (n = 35)

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