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The Fibre Frontier: nutrition for the second brain

Referred to by some as “the second brain”, the microbiome plays a crucial role in animal physiology. Stimulation of the gut microbiome is emerging as a nutritional strategy for improved animal performance.

As the main “feed” or substrate for bacteria to ferment, fibre is receiving renewed research interest due to its influence on the microbiome.

The International Fibre Summit looks to bring together experts in fibre understanding, animal nutrition and gut function to identify opportunities to exploit fibre to the advantage of the host.

Tuesday 19th Nov - Introduction to fibre



Fibres making up wheat cell walls in the context of broiler diets

Prof. Christophe Courtin

Leuven University

Variability in cereal grain composition and nutritional value: the
importance of fibre

Dr. John Black

John Black Consulting 

The importance of fibre in non-ruminant diets

Prof. Gonzalo Mateos


Fibre - how and which structures can be modified by enzyme

Prof. Knud-Erik Bach Knudsen

Aarhus University

Susceptibility of fibre to carbohydrases and impact on performance
in swine

Prof. John Patience

Iowa State University

Multi vs. Single application of enzymes to degrade fibre

Prof. Hans Stein

University of Illinois

Wednesday 20th Nov - Fibre digestion and gut function


The influence of fibre on gut physiology and feed intake regulation 

Prof. Birger Svihus

Norwegian University 

Fibre sensing and modulation of feed intake in pigs and chickens

Ass. Prof. Eugeni Roura

University of Queensland

Fibre fractions and carbohydrases in relation to amino acid digestibility

Prof. Markus Rodehutscord

Hohenheim University

Beta-glucans and beta-glucanase affect broiler performance and
digestive tract characteristics

Distinguished Professor Emeritus Hank Classen

University of Saskatchewan

Steering broiler intestinal microbiota through nutrition for
improved health

Prof. Rik Ducatelle

Ghent University

Adaptation of the microbiome towards fibre digestion. Effects of age
and dietary ingredients

Dr. An Bautil

Leuven University

Influence of feed processing on the gastrointestinal tract development
and gizzard physiology in broilers

Prof. Ravi Ravindran

Massey University

New strategies with carbohydrases influencing gut functionality and
animal performance

Dr. Gemma Gonzalez Ortiz

AB Vista

Thursday 21st Nov - How do we exploit fibre to the advantage of the host


Challenges and constraints in analysis of oligosaccharides and other
fibre components

Prof. Grant Campbell and Dr. Mohammed Alyassin

Huddersfield University

Gut microbiome: Methods of assesing this complex ecology 

Dr. Juha Apajalahti


Fibre and fibre breakdown products as microbial and inmune defence

Dr. Francisco Perez

Universitat de Barcelona

Cross-feeding during human colon fermentation

Prof. Luc de Vuyst

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Nutritional significance of fibre in feed formulation: factors influencing
fibre fermentation and by whom

Dr. Natalie Morgan

University of New England

View of enzymes as an alternative to antibiotics.

Prof. Jose Francisco Perez

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Future trends in enzyme application

Dr. Mike Bedford

AB Vista



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