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An AB Vista sponsored forum on feed enzymes, Inspire, held over March and April in 2014 in Scotland, brought together 80 delegates from 23 countries representing academia, the feed industry and feed enzyme producers.

Presentations evolved from detailing the complex structures of plant fibre non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs), through the negative and positive effects of NSPs on animal nutrition, to evaluating the efficacy of NSP-degrading enzymes.

The flawed nature of much of the historical research done to evaluate the efficacy of NSP-degrading enzymes was one of the key messages to emerge from the Inspire Forum.


International Non-Starch Polysaccharide
Forum 2014


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Non-Starch Polysaccaride Forum

Inspire 2014 Summary
Day 1: the substrate story
Day 2: the fibre debate
Day 3: examining enzyme solutions 
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S​peaker Profiles


Session 1: The substrate story



Cellulose synthesis in higher plants

Dr Staffan Persson

Max Planck Institute, Germany

Cereal cell wall structure from a botanical perspective; microscopy

Dr Joran Verspreet

KU Leuven, Belgium

Fibre and xylanases in baking

Stan Cauvain

BakeTran, UK

New understandings in measurements of fibre relevant to human health

Dr Per Aman

Swedish University of
Agricultural Science, Sweden

Session 2: The fibre debate


The role of soluble and insoluble fibre as an ANF. Viscosity and caging
effect with main focus on broilers

Professor Hank Classen

Saskatoon, Canada

What does the fibre fraction mean for swine?

Professor John Patience

Iowa State University, USA

What are the unique benefits of fibre cross species?

Professor Knud Erik Bach

Aarhus Universitat, Denmark

Impact of fibre on the gut microbiota and performance

Dr Juha Apajalahti

Alimetrics, Finland

Feed, fibre and enzymes modify necrotic enteritis

Professor Ed Moran

Auburn University, USA

Session 3: Examining enzyme solutions


Historical commercial drivers of enzyme use

Dr Hadden Graham

AB Vista

Variation in enzyme characteristics and efficacy in xylanases

Dr Kim Langfelder

AB Enzymes, Germany

The role of soluble and insoluble fibre as an ANF

Professor Mingan Choct

University of New England, Australia

Oligosaccharides produced with the use of enzymes…
What are their benefits to health?

Dr Christophe Courtin

KU Leuven, Belgium

Influence of fermentation on gut hormones and consequences – the
PYY story?

Dr Nell Masey O’Neill

AB Vista

Efficacy of feed enzymes – Consistency and dose

Dr Usama Aftab

AB Vista

Efficacy of feed enzymes – Hens and breeders

Dr Sanna Steenfeldt

Aarhus Universitat, Denmark

Efficacy of enzymes and interaction with cereal quality

Dr Maria Francesch

IRTA, Spain

Efficacy of enzymes, interaction with others, protease, phytase

Dr Mike Bedford

AB Vista

Next generation solutions

Richard Cooper

AB Vista



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