Supports overall performance and profit

UltraSorb P has three modes of action; to bind, transform and degrade a wide range of mycotoxins; and protect against the adverse effects of toxin-forming moulds which may be present in the feed.

  • Preventative control of multiple mycotoxins
  • Protects natural immunity
  • Maintains and improves growth rates
  • Supports good fertility

Includes highly adsorbent minerals to bind a wide range of mycotoxins

The UltraSorb range has been robustly trialled on working farms

The Challenge

Mycotoxins are one of the most dangerous hidden threats to poultry health, compromising growth, fertility, disease immunity and overall performance, impacting business profitability. Compound feeds containing a mixture of grains, especially maize can harbour mycotoxins. Bedding straw can also harbour the toxic compounds.

Symptoms of exposure include:

  • Poor growth rates
  • Immune suppression
  • Increased variability in slaughter weights
  • Reduced hatchability
  • Poor egg quality
  • Kidney damage
  • Respiratory difficulties
  • Gizzard lesions

The Solution

UltraSorb P binds a wide range of mycotoxins and their derivatives to make them harmless and biologically active yeast derivatives to transform and degrade the molecular structure of mycotoxins to improve binding efficacy.

Results have shown that UltraSorb is able to bind and transform a number of mycotoxins at a low pH. The digestive tract of poultry is typically pH 2.5-5.5.

UltraSorb has shown to successfully bind Aflatoxins. Aflatoxins are regulated in many countries and are considered carcinogens.

Available in a variety of formats for farm and mill use, including a range of options to suit different mycotoxin risk. Suitable for use in organic systems.

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