AB Vista broadens gut-health portfolio with product acquisition

Published Friday, 10th February 2023

AB Vista has extended its product offering with the acquisition of Progres®, an innovative natural additive from Finnish biosciences company Hankkija.

Progres is a patented natural resin acids product that improves gut integrity by reducing inflammation and stimulates tissue recovery with a healing effect. It also beneficially modulates intestinal microbiota, favouring butyrate producers and lactobacilli, reducing the growth of Gram-positive pathogens.

First developed in 2015, Progres improves performance in poultry, swine and ruminants, and is an important part of antibiotic-free production systems.

AB Vista’s Managing Director Juan Ignacio Fernández said: “Progres is an exciting natural product based on a strong research and scientific background that supports a more sustainable approach to animal production, so fits well with our whole ethos at AB Vista.

“Adding Progres to our portfolio expands the support we can provide nutritionists, veterinarians and production managers, looking for strategies and production programmes that deliver improved gut health, nutritional optimisation, and food safety & security. This acquisition also demonstrates our commitment to growing our offer into the wider additives market.”

He adds: “We look forward to leveraging our global supply chain to allow new markets to take advantage of Progres, and the wider portfolio we’ll continue to develop to support our customers in the journey to produce better, more sustainably and responsibly.”

For more information, contact AB Vista on +44(0)1672 517 650 or info@abvista.com. Follow AB Vista on Twitter: @ABVista.

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