Not all yeasts are created equal.
Maximize your gain with Vistacell.

  • Vistacell is a live yeast product of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae variety
  • Dried in granular form, Vistacell has an outer shell that serves to protect an inner core of live yeast cells
  • This process serves to improve stability, making Vistacell one of the most active live yeast products commercially available

Vistacell works to:

  • Improve and stabilise the gut microflora
  • Increase the presence of beneficial bacteria
  • Improve the nutrient composition of sow milk:
    • Higher immunoglobulin levels help to increase piglet immunity
    • Benefits both the sow and the suckling piglet, through improved piglet weight and reduced pre-weaning mortality

Note: registration varies by country
please contact us for details


Vistacell works to improve and stablise the gut microflora, increase the presence of beneficial bacteria and improve the nutrient composition of sow milk.


Vistacell in swine nutrition

  • Vistacell has multiple functionalities that can help support the needs of the animal through a stressful period:


  • A summary of results from 10 lactation commercial/university evaluations has demonstrated an improvement in weaning weight by 0.5kg when feeding Vistacell:

Vistacell in piglet nutrition

  • Results have demonstrated an average 4.9% improve in gain and a 7 point improvements in FCR over four trials when feeding Vistacell  


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