The mycotoxin threat

  • The contamination of straights and forages with mycotoxins can seriously affect dairy herd health and performance this during winter
  • Despite growing evidence regarding the scale of the problem the threat is often overlooked
  • A recent survey found 90% of maize silages at 70% of total mixed rations (TMR) were contaminated with mycotoxin

UltraSorb R - The only ruminant-specific mycotoxin solution

  • UltraSorb R is a combination of specially selected biologically active ingredients that binds, transforms and degrades mycotoxins found in the rumen
  • It has the ability to remove highly damaging toxins that are common in UK conditions, such as deoxynivalenol (DON)

The compounding impact of SARA

  • The risk of a mycotoxin problem is increased when cows are suffering from sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA)
  • The combination of high levels of starch and low fibre in diets can dramatically increase the risk of SARA and even acidosis
  • Not only does SARA impact on performance, it also reduces the cow’s own natural defence system to fight mycotoxins
  • It is critical to review your diet for SARA risk

To combat mycotoxin threats in other species:

  • Ultrasorb S has been specifically designed to address the mycotoxin challenge found in swine
  • Ultrasorb P has been specifically designed to address the mycotoxin challenge found in poultry animals
Created with Highcharts 4.1.9Increased milk productionIncreased Milk production (lb/head/day)Ultrasorb increases milk production where amycotoxin problem is present Farm 1Farm 2Farm 3Farm 4Farm 5Farm 6Farm 7Farm 8Farm 9Farm 1002.557.510

Source: Micron 2015


To find out more about UltraSorb and AB Vista’s other ruminant products

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